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The quantity of waste produced by inhabitants and industrial companies worldwide has significantly grown during recent decades. For instance, in the OECD countries the yearly municipal solid waste (MSW) production has risen from 415 kg per capita in 1980 to 560 kg per capita in 2012. The amount of municipal solid waste (MSW) produced in the EU in 2009 was more than 260 million tons. World generation of municipal solid waste is illustrated as below:

Waste problems
In addition, every year there are more than 800 million tons of oil into the world environment through groundwater, rivers and oceans, including oil pollution absorbed in soil. Oil pollution damages plant roots that prevents root respiration and absorption which eventually leading to plant death. The contaminated soil has toxic aromatic substances that is harmful to humans and all animals.
Such an amount of waste requires the application of efficient approaches to manage. One of the preferred and emerging methods of waste utilization is waste-to-energy (WtE). SEAB waste to energy solutions are designed to solve two main category of problems: