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Iraqi delegation visited SEAB

SEAB would like to thank the Iraqi environmental ministry for a great visit to Sweden. SEAB would also like to thank our Swedish partners who had a great collaboration with us presenting the delegation opportunities within environmental technology.

SEAB is hosting a high level delegation

SEAB SYNERGY is hosting an environmental high level delegation where the environmental minster Dr. QUTAIBA IBRAHIM TURKI and 8 other members of parliament will be attending. This delegation will be held in Stockholm from the 8-12 June. The purpose of this delegation is to present Swedish environmental technologies that SEAB

SEAB is attending the Cleantech Capital Day in Malmö

Cleantech Scandinavia is organizing the Cleantech Capital Day event in Malmö, 19-21 May 2015. We will be available there for any inquiries about SEAB.

Ramp up operation at Bajwan site

The SEAB team has installed a feeding system that pumps the oil sludge from the oil lake to the processing area. The oil is first pumped into a buffer tank from which the sludge oil is fed into the system by

Successful test operation at Bajwan site

SEAB has successfully executed the functional operation test on Sunday 6 July 2014 in Bajwan Site. All equipment and components have been verified to be ready for the ramp up operation according to the scheduled plan. One of the closest

Bajwan site is running securely

Regarding to the recent violence happening in Iraq, we would like to clarify the situation of the SEAB and the ongoing work progress at Bajwan site. As it is indicated in the following map, “Mosul” and “Tikrit” are the only

SEAB has been granted a contract to treat oil waste material

SEAB has been granted a contract to treat oil waste material in Iraq. The contract, which clarifies the operational details of the technologies and services, has now been signed. The SEAB project management team is currently working closely with our

SEAB has opened new office in Erbil

With regard to the importance of Middle East market and uniqueness of SEAB solutions in the region, SEAB has successfully opened new offices in Erbil, Iraq. The local staff in connection with our engineering team will provide waste analysis and